The Pour Farm Tavern, New Bedford

2014-06-29 16.53.02We loved our lunch at the Pour Farm Tavern.

We realize that at night, when the restaurant is likely more focused on music or beer, dining may be less of a priority.  But on a Sunday afternoon, we were treated to one of the best meals we’ve had in New Bedford.

The Big Dog tried a couple of samples eagerly offered by our bartender, Donna, from among approximately one billion beer choices, and ended up with a Green Flash IPA draft ($6).  Gina’s cabernet, conversely, was from the Walmart of wine ($5.50) and unremarkable.

We started with the falafel salad ($7.95). We received an oversized square plate with a dollop of hummus in one corner, a pile of chopped tomatoes in another, crisp and tasty sliced falafal pieces in a third, and in the fourth corner, the world’s most delicious creamy cucumber and dill dressing. Amid it all were giant hunks of hearty mixed greens, topped with a couple of pita triangles.  The Big Dog turned his share into little sandwiches, bravely trying the falafel, which he’s disliked in the past.  He liked this version.

For lunch, the Big Dog ordered the special whose announcement on a sidewalk sandwich board drew us there in the first place: a lobster BLT ($15.95). Framed within grilled sourdough bread, topped with artisanal greens, the yummy sandwich came with sweet potato fries.

Gina turned to the regular menu and selected the BBQ Sampler (a steal at $15).  It included a half rack of baby back ribs, a little bowl of pulled pork, slabs of beef brisket, and tasty cole slaw.  Remnants of the huge portion was just as delicious the next day.

During our Sunday afternoon visit, the small but eclectic crowd that included a fisherman, a college student with her parents, and a handful of 20-somethings, was charmed by or servers’ equally eclectic jukebox selections, recorded long before anyone but Gina and the Dog were born.

The Pour Farm Tavern includes an outdoor dining area in a spacious and shady alley.  Inside, the decor is definitely 1970s Dorm Room, right down to the Led Zeppelin posters and vaguely foreign flags. We’re pretty sure no one goes there for the decor, and we suspect that few go for the food.  But that’s a mistake — the food is delicious, and you’re certain to enjoy it.

The Pour Farm Tavern
780 Purchase Street, New Bedford




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