Sagamore Inn, Bourne

Looking for very good, fresh, yet inexpensive food in a homey setting in the Upper Cape region? Look no further than the Sagamore Inn. It’s an off-season favorite of locals, and a time-honored tradition for summer folk.

Let us cut to the chase on this one. Gina ordered the veal parmesan ($14.99) and a few minutes later, we heard a distinct pounding noise from the kitchen. “There’s your veal,” whispered the Big Dog. Joanne, our charming and efficient bartender, confirmed when she emerged with our soups. How often does that happen? We’re pretty sure that in most kitchens, the pounding happens in the morning, or maybe even the previous night, or more likely, at Sysco a month before the veal was shipped in frozen vacuum-packed portions.

Previously, the Big Dog ordered a bowl of the soup of the day ($6.99) — zuppa toscana — and asked for two spoons. Joanne suggested that she just bring us two cups of the soup for the price of a bowl. How often does that happen? The soup, which came with a basket of warm bread made for the Sagamore Inn by a bakery in New Bedford, was chock-full of big sausage chunks, potatoes, kale and added vegetables in a thin cream sauce.

The tender veal came topped with a thick layer of mozzarella and a side of spaghetti with meat sauce. It was delicious. Gina also got the house salad ($7.99) which contained a whole bunch of vegetables: romaine, red cabbage, red onion, chopped red peppers, celery, carrots, and more. It’s a house salad, and the house dressing is a thick and tangy balsamic vinaigrette which comes on the side.

The Big Dog ordered the Sagamore Angus Burger with cheese ($11.99). It came with a side of cole slaw which had a pleasant fruitiness which we suspect was from a tiny bit of pineapple juice or something similar. It, and the burger, were both very good.

Gina ordered an Irony cabernet from Napa Valley ($12) and the Big Dog enjoyed a Ketel One and soda ($10).

The bar is pleasant and comfortable, if a bit chilly at lunchtime on this snowy Friday. The dining area offers warm and comfortable private booths. The whole vibe is very homey, and we can imagine regular visitors to our beloved Upper Cape region believing that their summer vacation or fall excursion is not complete without a stop at the Sagamore Inn.

Sagamore Inn
1131 Sandwich Road, Bourne

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