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QUICK BITE: Fried Broccoli at Ella’s

“Broccoli” and “deliciously decadent” in one sentence? Let Ella’s Wood Burning Oven Restaurant make you a believer! This appetizer is a majestic mound of broccoli, fried in a very light batter to a crispy crunch, in a tangy pool of aioli, dusted with parmesan. At just $13, it’s a delicious treat.

Ella’s website and from our archives

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QUICK BITES: Sushi at Fishermen’s View

Remember when sushi used to be exotic and just a little bit scary? Nowadays, even the ichthyophobics among us can find something that feels safe on the sushi menu, and you can buy a California roll at the local supermarket.

But you don’t have to. You can buy your California roll ($17) at the Fishermen’s View in Sandwich, where the crab comes off the boat just a few feet away from your table. And it’s real Jonah crab, not the crab “sticks” you get elsewhere.

Fishermen’s View website and from our archives

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QUICK BITES: Desserts at Alden Park, Plymouth

Alden Park has an adorable, elegant, and inexpensive solution for those of us who didn’t save room for dessert but want something more than a fistful of mints on the way out the door: Small Bites.

For just $2, you get your choice of seven desserts served with tiny spoons in a shotglass. On a recent visit, we chose Mandarin Orange and Chocolate Cake. Delicious and fun! It’s a great way to end a meal, or a fun accompaniment to cocktails.

Alden Park website
and from our archives

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