About Us

We’re Gina and The Big Dog, people who live in southeastern Massachusetts and who like to eat.

We want you to find new restaurants in southeastern New England.  That includes the Southcoast and Cape Cod areas of Massachusetts, wherever we happen to find ourselves in Rhode Island, and a few spots along the Connecticut coast.

Take our advice and you will likely be happy with your dining experience, if you agree with us on a few basic principles. Here’s what we like:

  • Healthy, unprocessed foods that include mostly local ingredients
  • Eating at the bar
  • Fish, when it’s fresh
  • The perfect salad
  • Beer in a cold glass
  • Wines that aren’t chardonnay

We don’t like linen tablecloths, establishments that tell The Big Dog he has to take his baseball cap off, waiters who don’t listen, menus with grammatical errors, goopy chowder, or brown lettuce. Actually there’s a lot of things that piss us off, but we don’t want to sound too negative.

We’ve had some really great food in dives.  We’ve had terrible food in places with a view so breath-taking you forget to eat.  We’ve had dinners that were such a great deal that we just have to tell you about them. Bottom line is that you can have an enjoyable dining experience just about anywhere.  We have fun, and we want you to have fun too.

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