In the Dog House: French Meat Pie from Makepeace Farms

003Gina was despondent.  A concert for which we’d purchased tickets many months in advance was cancelled just hours before showtime. The Big Dog suggested a nice dinner out, to make up for the disappointment. The performer was Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music, if you must know.

“No,” Gina sulked. “Let’s sit home and eat meat pie.”

We’d bought the meat pie for $18 from Makepeace Farms in Wareham earlier in the day.  Owner Karen Makepeace once told us that she does the pies when she has time, and apparently that’s not very often.  We weren’t sure what was in it, but it seemed to have a nice philo-esque crust and surprising density.

Now, let this be a warning to people like Mr. Ferry and their so-called viral infections: a carefully crafted, expertly seasoned, perfectly cooked meat pie will make us forget ALL ABOUT YOU in no time.

We started dinner with the bottle of Faustino V 2008 Rioja we’d put aside for a special event.  As you may know, a Rioja from Spain is typically a great bargain, but a reserva is an extraordinary value.  This one was rich and peppery, and just $17 at the local wine purveyor. We were not disappointed.

Gina tossed together some pea greens, red leaf lettuce, cucumber, and tomato which we got from our CSA (Silverbrook Farms, but that’s a story for another day), along with half a sliced avocado and some homemade basil vinaigrette from the refrigerator.

A quarter of the pie, along with some salad, was a hearty dinner for each of us.  We think the pie contained mashed potatoes and the meat was partly, if not completely, ground pork.  We promise to ask, but nice as Karen Makepeace is, we don’t see her willingly parting with a recipe like this.

Makepeace Farms
146 Tihonet Road, Wareham

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