The Fan Club, East Wareham

To call The Fan Club a pool hall would be a disservice.  Sure, they’ve got maybe a dozen tables in a brightly lit hall.  But the other side of the building is a nicely decorated sports bar that always seems busy.

Our mantra is that we can find good food just about anywhere, and we put that to the test at The Fan Club.  Sure, they’ve got an abundance of deep-fried favorites, and the chicken wings are delicious.

But we have to say, we loved “Dara’s Triple Decker Turkey Club.” Named for The Fan Club’s charming bartender, this is one hearty and fresh sandwich, with bacon, deli turkey, tasty tomato slices and crisp lettuce.  We had ours on pumpernickel, with a smear of mayo.  It came in a plastic basket with a fistful of excellent french fries, some weird macaroni salad prepackaged in a plastic cup, and a pickle, and was a deal at $8.99.

Don’t be intimidated by the smokers clustered around the front entrance, or the pool players — they host league play regularly — who spill over into the bar area.  Order your sandwich, along with a healthy pour of house wine or a beer in a chilled mug, at the bar, then take your beverage to the elevated seating area up a ramp, and they’ll bring your lunch to you.  From this perch, you can watch any New England sporting event on their many flat-screen TVs. Enjoy a band on weekends, or great classic rock piped in during the week.

Gramma and the kids would probably feel uncomfortable here, but for a quick lunch on the way to the beach or a night out with the guys or girls, The Fan Club is highly recommended.

The Fan Club
2859 Cranberry Highway, East Wareham

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