Mezza Luna, Buzzards Bay

Mezza Luna is an extraordinarily versatile restaurant.  During our recent visit, we dined at the bar after a bike ride on the Canal.  Near us were regulars who probably eat there every Thursday night.  A parade of 30-something ladies emerged from a function room, seeking raspberry margarita refills.  It’s the kind of place for a quiet anniversary dinner, 90-year-old Gramma’s birthday, out of town visitors, the purchase of a new home, or, as in our case, just a really good meal. The restaurant was closed and completely rebuilt after a fire in 2008, but the place retained a venerable feel.

The bar is luxe, with dark woods and an interesting vaulted ceiling structure, and a pretty good wine list.  Combined with the white tablecloths, windows onto a patio, and dark carpeting, it could seem foreboding.  But bartenders Sherry and new Mary are cheerful and welcoming.

Mezza Luna’s focus, since 1937, has been Italian food, and the kitchen produces a serviceable version which is tasty without giving Gramma agita. Portions are very large.

During our visit, Gina ordered the eggplant parmigiana appetizer and a house salad, which may seem like an uncharacteristically dainty dinner but is plenty of food — nearly half of the eggplant made it home.  Mezza Luna’s house salad is sprinkled with chick peas, which Gina loves, and some more routine ingredients. The eggplant is crisp on the edges, rich with mozzarella, and bathed in their great tomato sauce. We also recommend the eggplant fries appetizer, for those who want to pretend to make a healthy choice.

The Big Dog ordered chicken and broccoli with ziti, a delicious dish with crisp broccoli, lots of perfectly cooked chicken breast, and a fabulous buttery, garlicky sauce.  You will kick yourself if you order this dish and finish your bread basket before it arrives, we promise you. The chicken dish came with a house salad, and the aforementioned bread, which you can also buy to take home.

With tax, a couple glasses of Ruffino pinot grigio, and a Jacobs Creek shiraz, dinner came to $54 — a great deal given the lovely surroundings, large portions, and very good food.

Mezza Luna
253 Main Street, Buzzards Bay


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